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Cargo from Dubai to Australia

cargo service to Australia from Dubai

UAE popularly called the ‘Gulf Tiger’ turns out to be one of the best markets in the world. Being the second largest economy in Arab countries, the United Arab Emirates flourished itself as a major exporter. Our company is located in the fastest growing economy of the Middle East offering the best cargo services in this metropolitan city.

Searching for cargo service to Australia from Dubai?

Planning to send any personal items, goods, or documents to Australia from Dubai. Without any further ado come to us. We will send your cargo to Australia simple fast and safe send your cargo to Australia with Dubai Cargo. Australia is a highly developed country, envious of most Western countries, with a GDP per capita exceeding that of the USA, France, United Kingdom, and Germany, with a comparatively lower cost of living. Freight to Australia gives access to a market with high purchasing power, with annual imports of 250 billion dollars.

The Best cargo service from UAE to Australia

The hassle-free service of shipments from UAE to Australia turns out to be the tricky part but Mydubai Cargo efficiently handles the shipping with the utmost care, providing the best service to the customers.

With efficient and the best employees, we ensure you the best shipping experience. Our lively updates will help you to make the right choice at the appropriate time.

Customs clearance in Dubai

The UAE government strictly follows the Customs Clearance procedure for every shipping consignment from the state. Mydubai Cargo eases your tensions on cargo deliveries by helping go through such mandatory processes. So we will make it hassle-free shipping!

The necessary documents to receive an export release from the UAE government include the:

  •       Commercial Invoice
  •       Packing List
  •       Certificate of Origin
  •       Letter of Credit or other payment terms (depending on the agreement between the parties)
  •     Bill of Lading or Airway Bill for ocean freight and air freight respectively.

In certain cases Licences, permits, and certificates are asked for along with the above-mentioned documents.

Customs clearance in Dubai for cargo

When you are shipping the following you are supposed to have been provided with special permission paperwork.

Weapons of any kind

Alcohol & Cigarettes

Animals ( Pets, Birds, Fish, etc )

Pharmaceutical Products

Pirated Media are not allowed

Duplicate or Counterfeit products are not allowed

Customs clearance in Australia

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority strictly follows cargo shipping regulations. On Customs Entry the local importers obtain the customs clearance and the following is the list of documents for customs clearance in Australia.


ProForma Invoice

Shipping Bill

Warehouse Receipt

Customs Packing List

Country of Origin or COO Certificate

Commercial Invoice

Bill of Sight

Letter of Credit

Bill of Exchange

Export Licence

Health Certificates

We will help with import Customs Clearance and Mydubai Cargo ensures hassle-free delivery of goods in Australia.

Send from the best cargo company in Dubai

Shipping your cargo to Australia from Dubai should be straightforward. You can send them via sea or air. Shipping via air is usually faster, but more expensive than by sea. Planning your move properly goes a long way. Door to door shipping is a standard in international freight, and it’s the most convenient way for a large move internationally, especially to a country as big as Australia.

Relocating to Australia from Dubai

Australia is a great country even though pictured as a one-note desert with a couple of ramshackle villages there are many diverse environments to learn about before relocating to Australia from Dubai.

As it is a big cultural melting point there will be no pressure to follow any kind of religion. You can practice whatever you want. Like every other country, there are some pros and cons, but overall you will get a great life for any incoming immigrant as you relocate to Australia from Dubai.

Procedures and Standards for Shipping to Australia

  • If you send cargo to Australia from Dubai via ocean or air freight to Australia, with a goods value of more than $1,000 (AUD) you or your freight forwarder must inform the customs authorities through an import declaration form.
  • If you are sending your imported goods directly to a customs-licensed warehouse, you must complete a Warehouse Declaration (N20).
  • If you send your goods directly to your facilities or customers, you must use the Import Declaration (N10).
  • Australia has an online solution for registering import declarations, known as the integrated cargo system (ICS). But, you can declare your goods using paper documents if you prefer. If so, the document you will need to complete is known as an Import Declaration.
sea cargo

UAE-Australia Ocean Freights

Mydubai Cargo is renowned as a trustworthy service provider of Ocean freights. With flexible scheduling, the best transit times, and safe delivery we are the best cargo service provider extending our services in the key ports through our close business connections with the major international ports.

We are offering you,

  •       FCL
  •       LCL
  •       Breakbulk
  •       Project Cargo services.

The time frame of the shipment

Generally, Ocean freights are the cheapest means of trade, and the average time to ship goods through cargo from the UAE to Australia, requires 38-59 days. However, the duration might slightly vary corresponding to the pertaining circumstances.

Australia cargo delivery

The delivery service in the major ports of Australia receives the cargo shipment and ensures the safety of goods. The major ports in Australia,

Port of Brisbane

Port of Sydney

Port of Fremantle

Port of Melbourne

Port Hedland

Port of Dampier 

Port of Wellington

Port of Darwin

Port of Adelaide 

Port of Newcastle

Air freight from the UAE to Australia

Air Freights guarantees the fastest cargo movement from UAE to Australia. Though this turns out to be an expensive medium of transportation, the Airways ensures safe and fastest delivery of the cargo. We will help you with your priority cargo exports.

UAE to Australia Air Shipments

The speed delivery of goods is an assured feature of Air Frights. In comparison to the Ocean cargo service, Air shipments are fast delivered within hours. Thus, we guarantee you delivery within 3-4 days of shipment through Air Freight. So, it’s easier to do your business with our Air cargo!

door to door cargo delivery

Flying your freight: Airport guide

The goods are identified before the shipment to categorize the items to be properly packaged and thus we are promising you that all the goods will reach the destination without any damage. We will follow the necessary tariffs and cargo shipping charges that you prefer and will help you determine the overall cost of your shipping. Being experts in this field, we study TACT’s rules, tariffs and prices every day and by using these data we provide you with actual information. Thus, we will be supporting you in every stage of shipping and we will be with you throughout the process.

Let’s look at some airports in the UAE that ships to Australia

Cargo from Abu Dhabi

Cargo from Sharjah

Cargo from Aj Man 

Cargo from Al Ain

Cargo from Dubai

Airports of arrival in Australia

Cargo to Adelaide

Cargo to Brisbane

Cargo to Canberra

Cargo to Melbourne

Cargo to Perth

Cargo to Sydney

Cargo to Vienna

UAE to Australia Ship Cargo Price

The shipment pricing varies as per various variable circumstances and the general criteria of  the shipping companies are based on:

  •       Nature of goods
  •       Opted medium of shipment (FCL, LCL, Air)
  •       The weight of the consignment
  •       Cargo size
  •       The distance between the starting point and the ending point
  •       Service category (such as Port-to-Port, Door-to-Door)


Thus, the basic criteria for shipping are a crucial part of shipping and when the process challenges you, Mydubai Cargo is there to assist you. We will help you with custom quotations that suit your consignment.

Why should you choose us?

  • Fast and reliable customer service
  • Best shipping rates available
  • Assistance with time-sensitive shipments
  • Knowledgeable agents who know the rules
  • Fully licensed as stated by Australian government regulations
  • Licensed by the Dubai government to act as a clearinghouse for Dubai-bound cargo

Our Service

LCL shipping to Australia

This is the best option for you if your cargo volume is less than a container size and you can share the space with others to lower the cost of the shipment.

FCL shipping to Australia

Frequent shipments, large shipments that can be filled inside a full-size container. Is this your requirement? Then you found your best option.

Commercial shipment to Australia

Australia is a fairly lonely place far away from all other continents. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to expand your business to the Australian continent MyDubaiCargo has your back.

Personal Baggage to Australia

Maybe you have to carry a little more than what airline is allowed to your next beach vacation in Australia, or maybe you are an international cricketer who wants to carry extra bats for the next session there, Well we can ship all of that to you destined place.

House Moving to Australia

You may be really close to the dream of relocating to the Kangaroo land and wondering how you move all your furniture and all other clunky essentials there. Some things in our home can make it feel like we have never left the place, like that dining table gifted by your father or a photo collection with all your memories. My Dubai Cargo ships them with great expertise and quality control to ensure that every single item is exactly the way it should be.

24/7 Customer Support

Every month, every week, and every day of the year! We are aware of how crucial it is to assist our clients with the movement, delivery, and customs clearance of their cargo. Any questions regarding freight, weight, routing, pricing, inland transport, or documents can be answered by our Customer Care Service at any time.

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