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Looking for The Best UAE To UK Cargo Service?

Shipping to the UK from the UAE – My Dubai Cargo provides the best Cargo services from UAE to the UK. We provide the best Air Cargo to the UK, Freight to the UK, Sea Cargo to the UK, Door to Door Cargo to the UK, and door-to-door moving service to the UK from UAE, packing and moving all over the UK.

Best cargo from UAE to the UK

The shipping of goods from UAE to the UK is not that easy and it’s a bit tricky but for My Dubai Cargo, the whole idea is very simple as we have a dedicated SOP for each means of shipping. We provide some of the best shipping. We house some of the best people in our business, assuring you with 100% tension-free shipping. Contact us now

cargo to Europe and the U.K from Dubai

Areas covered by My Dubai Cargo in UAE

Planning to send cargo to Europe and the U.K from Dubai?

We the most trusted cargo service provider in Dubai ensure that your goods reach Europe and UK safely and cost-effectively. We will deliver at door steps with utmost care. Sending cargo to Europe and U.K is now very similar to Dubai cargo.

Send from the finest cargo company in Dubai

Dubai cargo is well-recognized for giving the best cargo services to Europe. With a strong presence in Dubai, it offers cargo service for delivery in Europe. Via our cargo services to Europe from Dubai, we help our customers to choose delivery options as per their needs and preferences. Providing unlimited features to our customers, we make sure their needs are addressed. Our team works committed to enhancing the customer experience to make the entire process as smooth as possible. We are dedicated to giving premium services and you can always rely on us for safe, fast, and timely delivery of your valuables.

Ocean freight from the UAE to UK

We are known for our shipping service in the country, especially for ocean freight. We assure the best worldwide service, covering all the key ports, best transit times, flexible scheduling, and safe delivery because of our long-standing and profit-earning relationship with major international lines. 

We provide

  •       FCL
  •       LCL
  •       Breakbulk
  •       Project Cargo services.

Time to ship cargo by sea from the UAE to the UK

Ocean freight is hands down the cheapest means of shipping goods but there is a catch, the time taken to ship is pretty significant. Generally, the time taken to ship cargo from UAE to the UK is about 38 to 39 days. It may vary according to the various circumstances. 

Ocean cargo port guide in UAE

Ok, Let’s talk about the cargo situation in the UAE. Unlike many other countries, cargo shipping in the UAE has to go through Customs. This is a long and tedious process to handle by yourself, and it is a smart move to approach professionals like My Dubai Cargo to ease you out of this headache, You know make it hassle-free!

There are a certain set of documents you need to present for the export release from UAE which includes:

  •       Commercial Invoice
  •       Packing List
  •       Certificate of Origin
  •   Letter of Credit or other payment terms (depending on the agreement between the parties)
  •     Bill of Lading for ocean freight or Airway Bill for air freight (My Dubai Cargo will provide this for you) 

On top of that, they might ask you to produce Licences, permits, and certificates if necessary.

cargo ports of arrival in UK

The UK houses some of the major ports which support some of the best cargo shipping in the world. Now let’s look at the major ports in the UK. 

  • Port Of Immingham
  • Port of Felixstowe
  • Port of Tees
  • Port Of London
  • Port Of Liverpool
  • Port of Milford Haven
  • Port of Southampton

The UK is very strict about its rules and regulations in the cargo shipping scene. It is very important to know the shipping rules and follow them. The following is the list of documents needed for customs clearance in the UK. 

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Insurance documents
  • a special certificate of origin
  • sanitation
  • phytosanitary
  • Bill of lading 
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • EORI number
  • Certificate of Origin/GSP Form A
  • CE Certificate
  • Import/Export Licences
  • Certificates of Authorisation

Well that sums up the complication you might have to face when it comes to the shipping scene in the UK, But don’t you worry we are here to help you out.

Air shipping to India

Air freight from the UAE to UK

When it comes to fast shipping air freight dominates over every other means of shipping. The average time of shipping is around 3-7days, which is crazy fast, but this comes at a price as well. Although the shipping time is impressive, the pricing is also pretty high.

Time to Ship cargo by air from the UAE to the UK

The time range is around 3-7 days for door-to-door delivery of your cargo by air, but this can vary based on the circumstances.

Flying your freight: airport guide

So when it comes to air freight the first thing you should do is to identify the item you are shipping so that the item can be safely categorized, packaged, and handled properly. After that, you can then determine the various necessary tariffs and cargo shipping charges to further estimate the overall cost of your shipping. You should also consider the various costs and regulations overseas.

We at GSC are experts in this field of shipping and we study TACT’s rules, tariffs, and prices every day using this very data we can provide you with the exact information you are looking for and help you in every stage of shipping.

Now let’s look at some airports in the UAE that ships to the UK

  • Dubai Al Maktoum (IATA Code:DWC)
  • Sharjah (IATA Code:SHJ).
  • Abu Dhabi(IATA Code:AUH).
  • Dubai International(IATA Code:DXB).

Airports of arrival in the UK

Here is a list of international airports in the UK.

  • Belfast Airport (IATA Code:BFS)
  • Birmingham Airport (IATA Code:BXS)
  • Bristol Airport (IATA Code:BRS)
  • Cardiff Airport (IATA Code:CWL)
  • East Midlands Airport (IATA Code:EMA)
  • Edinburgh Airport (IATA Code:EDI)
  • Glasgow Airport (IATA Code:GLA)
  • Leeds Bradford (IATA Code:LBA)
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport (IATA Code:LPL)
  • London Gatwick Airport (IATA Code:LGW)
  • London Heathrow Airport (IATA Code:LHR)
  • Manchester Airport (IATA Code:MAN)
  • Newcastle Airport (IATA Code:NCS)

Ship cargo from the UAE to the UK Price

The cost of shipping your goods from the UAE depends on a number of variables. Most shipping companies base their quotes on the given criteria:

  •       Kind of goods
  •        the chosen method of travel (FCL, LCL, Air)
  •       weight of the shipment
  •       size of the cargo
  •       between the starting point and the ending point
  •       Service category (such as Port-to-Port, Door-to-Door)

So now you have an idea about the criteria for shipping but are still confused about what freight should you choose? Don’t worry about that we at GSC movers can help you out with that. We can provide you with custom quotations to better fit your needs.

  • Air Freight: The cost of shipping 1kg of cargo from UAE to the UK is about 8-15 AED.
  • Ocean Freight: The cost of shipping 1kg of cargo from UAE to the UK is about 6-14AED.

What should you choose: Ocean Freight or Air Freight to Ship from UAE to the UK?

So here are the 3 major criteria you should consider while choosing the type of freight.

Cost of shipping & budget: When it comes to shipping your cargo the cost of shipping with ocean freight is on the lower side, but there are some cases where the air freight is much cheaper. This is because the ocean freight billing is based on containers used ( based on a metric called LLC and FCL ) and while air freight is basically priced based on the weight of cargo. In simple terms, if your cargo is big and heavy go for ocean freight, and if your cargo is small go for air freight. 

Speed of delivery: This factor is basically based on your convenience. Air freight is faster and more reliable, but if you have time and patience then ocean freight is the best for you. If the size of the cargo is big then you might probably consider shipping it by ocean freight. 

Reliability of the mode: Both the means are quite reliable but when in most cases air freight tends to live up to the hype of maximum safety. To put it simply “ high security at a minimum risk”. Airlines are more accurate when it comes to scheduling everything and the factors that might affect the shipping is null considering ocean freight. 

Looking to ship to the UK from Dubai? Contact us now.

Relocating to UK from Dubai

Any time you move from one country to another, you will experience a bit of a cultural difference. There are some basic things you need to know about before you relocate to the UK from Dubai, If you do so you can better understand the country you will be living in. To make the change easier for you and your family, try to consulting a professional international movers before relocating to UK from Dubai.

One important thing to remember is about animals. The United Kingdom has very strict laws on bringing in animals. All your pets must have the proper immunizations and paperwork to document their health status from certified doctors. Another thing is you cant take all of your belongings.

Document Requirement for the UK

These are the documents that we need for UK Shipment.

  • Inventory list
  • Passport & UAE residence visa copy
  • C3 Form
  • Complete Delivery Address
  • UK Contact Number

Why Dubai Cargo?

  • Easy to register details.
  • Easy bookings and payments.
  • Gives the important information about the paperwork your shipping will need.
  • Our expertise will make sure your cargo from Dubai to the UK complies with international legislation and regulations.

Our Services

Groupage Shipping to the UK

Groupage services are a form of freight forwarding service that includes commodities that are dispatched as one load but are grouped together and sent by various businesses.

Due to My Dubai Cargo’s extensive knowledge of European transportation, even with the new customs rules, your European shipment will be stress-free.

LCL shipping to the UK

Less than Container Load; LCL is the best option if you don’t want to pay for a full container. When importing smaller cargoes from the UAE to the UK, enabling your freight to take up space in a shared container is frequently the most cost-effective option.

FCL shipping to the UK

Full Container Load: FCL is for those who need a full container’s capacity and convenience. You have the only right to use each container after paying a set amount for its rental and delivery. Depending on what you are shipping, this option may be less expensive per unit of transportation than LCL.

Door to Door Cargo to the UK

Door-to-door delivery is an easy option for you, clients to avoid the hassle of making arrangements for the shipment at the ports, and we’ll even give you the necessary paperwork.

Furniture shipping to the UK

Are you intimidated to ship all your antique, expensive and heavy furniture to the UK?

We have your back. The simple, quick, and safe service provided by My Dubai Cargo, which specializes in moving furniture, also helps to make your new home in the UK feel incredibly welcoming.

House moving to the UK

You can relocate to the UK and bring your furniture and other possessions without paying any import taxes, fees, or tariffs.

Isn’t that a relief?

We can give you one deeper sigh that we got your back on packing up all of these household goods to the UK.

Commercial Shipment to the UK

Commercial Shipments can be easily made if you are a small or medium size business owner hoping to expand your business arms to the UK. Thus, you can focus more on other sides rather than worrying about whether your shipment can reach your potential customer in time.

Packing and relocation to the UK

Whether it is for the beautiful landscapes of Europe or just to escape from the scorching sun of the middle east, your goods are safe in our hands to be relocated to anywhere in the UK with minimal effort from your side. My Dubai Cargo have long been in this field to ensure that you can sleep well knowing your goods are safe.

Personal baggage to the UK

Each passenger is permitted to bring one carry-on bag that is no larger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm and no heavier than 8kg/17lb. Briefcases, waist packs, laptop/tablet cases, and purses are considered to be personal items.

What if you wanna carry your own skis for the winter fun or your own set of trusty golf clubs for the next summer vacation? My Dubai Cargo is your answer. There shouldn’t be any barrier to your joy.

We offer our services all over UAE, mostly focusing on

Cargo from Abu Dhabi,

Cargo from Dubai,

Cargo from Sharjah,

Cargo from Ajman,

Cargo from Ras Al Khaimah,

Cargo from Fujairah,

Cargo from Dibba,

Cargo from Umm Al Quwain &

Cargo from Al Shamkha City

Areas covered by My Dubai Cargo in the UK

At GSC we constantly provide services like

Cargo to Belfast

Cargo to Birmingham 

Cargo to Cardiff 

Cargo to London

Cargo to Leeds Bradford

Cargo to London Heathrow 

Cargo to East Midlands

Cargo to Glasgow

Cargo to Liverpool

Cargo to Newcastle

Cargo to Manchester

Cargo to Edinburgh and list goes on

Thinking about moving to the UK.?

Thinking about moving to the UK or if you want to surprise someone in the UK, Don’t worry we have got your back. We know that shipping your cargo can be a tedious process, it takes up most of your valuable time and the effort you have to put in is immense. In these scenarios you could use an expert, for instance, we My Dubai Cargo are the best cargo service providers in the UAE. We offer door-to-door cargo shipping to the UK. This means that we will take care of everything—from loading your vehicle onto our ship in Dubai, through transport across the sea or air, and unloading at its destination port in the UK. So, if you are planning a move abroad or simply want to send some furniture abroad then this is what you need! Check out our services now!!

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