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Planning to send any personal items, goods or any documents to Australia from Dubai. Without any further ado come to us. We will send your cargo to Australia simple fast and safe send your cargo to Australia with DubaiCargo

Australia is a highly developed country, envious of most Western countries, with a GDP per capita exceeding that of the USA, France, United Kingdom and Germany, with comparatively lower cost of living. Freight to Australia gives access to a market with high purchasing power, with annual imports of 250 billion dollars .

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Shipping your cargo to Australia from Dubai should be straightforward. You can send them via sea or via air. Shipping via air is usually faster, but more expensive than by sea. Planning your move properly goes a long way. Door-to-door shipping is a standard in international freight, and it’s the most convenient way for a large move internationally , especially to a country as big as Australia.

Relocating to Australia from Dubai

Australia is a great country even though pictured as a one-note desert with a couple of ramshackle villages there are many diverse environments to learn about before relocating to Australia from Dubai.

As it is a big cultural melting point there will be no pressure to follow any kind of religion. You can practice whatever you want.Like every other country, there are some pros and cons, but overall you will get a great life for any incoming immigrant as you relocate to Australia from Dubai.

Procedures and Standards for Shipping to Australia

  • If you send cargo to Australia from Dubai via ocean or air freight to Australia, with a goods value of more than $1,000 (AUD) you or your freight forwarder must inform it to the customs authorities through an import declaration form.
  • If you are sending your imported goods directly to a customs-licensed warehouse, you must complete a Warehouse Declaration (N20).
  • If you are sending your goods directly to your own facilities or those of your customers, you must use the Import Declaration (N10).
  • Australia has an online solution for registering import declarations, known as the integrated cargo system (ICS). But , you can declare your goods using paper documents if you prefer. If so, the document you will need to complete is known as an Import Declaration.
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