Singapore is one of the wealthy nations, yet small, its population has a healthy want for products and materials from overseas. This presents a potentially productive market into which your business might flourish.

Here are some important information you need to know about importing goods into the country. Like details of the key inbound shipping routes known to every cargo companies in Singapore.

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3 Important Steps Before Sending Cargo

  1. Activate Your Customs Account:If you are into business and want to send cargo to Singapore from Dubai you will need to have a customs account. To get your account and begin shipping to Singapore, you have to register with the country’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

  2. Register for an Inter-Bank GIRO Account: Apart from customs account, you must have an Inter-Bank GIRO account with Singapore Customs.
  3. Get Customs Permit: When Completing the first two procedures, you will be able to send cargo to Singapore from Dubai. You will need to take a customs declaration online to send before it arrives in Singapore.

Relocating to Singapore from Dubai

One of the biggest headache for people relocating to Singapore from Dubai is understanding the type of visa they need to relocate. Finding how to then get that visa is a close second. 

Singapore is a city of very strong laws, which are followed religiously. Whilst Country has given it a reputation as an authoritarian state, the reality is that they keep the city safe, clean and well ordered.They have a very high standard of living and comes in the list of top ten most expensive cities in the world. These things must be remembered before relocating to Singapore from Dubai.

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Before that there are some must known things prior sending cargo to Singapore from Dubai

Sending to Singapore: Restrictions and Prohibitions

  • Slot machines
  • Animal products
  • Explosives
  • Battery
  • Chemicals
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Meat products
  • Rice
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