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Cargo to Italy from Dubai

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Looking for UAE To Italy Cargo Service?


Shipping to Italy from UAE – My Dubai Cargo provides the best Cargo services from UAE to Italy. We provide the best Air Cargo to Italy, Freight to Italy, Sea Cargo to Italy, Door to Door Cargo to Italy, and door-to-door moving service to Italy from UAE, packing and moving all over Italy.

Business between UAE and Italy

The United Arab Emirates or simply called the emirates or UAE is a metropolis built by the dreams of hard-working individuals, and visionaries, in the sand, barren land an oasis of global trade and tourism, home to the tallest building in the world, there will always be a flow of adjectives for this wonderland, and yes we are proud to operate our company My Dubai Cargo there.

The trade between the Arabs and Europeans had been there for centuries and still exists at its full glory but is a lot more modernized thanks to innovation and technological advances. For that exact reason, ease of business between UAE and Italy is the exact reason why they are the largest trading partners in the Arab region.

Best cargo from UAE to Italy

Shipping cargo from the UAE to Italy has never been easier. My Dubai Cargo Cargo Freight offers both ocean freight and air freight options for customers wishing to ship their cargo from Abu Dhabi to Italy in a cost-effective way.

Our experienced team will provide you with all the necessary information and instructions so that you can make an informed choice about which method is best suited for your needs.

Ocean freight from the UAE to Italy

My Dubai Cargo has a reputed name when it comes to ocean freight services. We can offer customers access to the best worldwide carrier portfolio, covering all the key ports, best transit times, flexible scheduling, and assured safe delivery because of our long-standing and profitable relationships with major international lines.

we provide

  • FCL
  • LCL
  • Breakbulk
  • Project Cargo services.


Time to ship cargo by sea from the Uae to Italy

Shipping goods by air and sea have quite different transit timeframes. In general, it will take about 27 days for your marine freight to get there.

Let’s think about two options. A full container will travel from Jebel Ali to Genoa in about 27 days, and from Abu Dhabi to La Spezia in perhaps 29 days.

Ocean cargo port guide in UAE

Every single cargo has to go through Customs Clearance, to get shipped out from UAE. This is a long and tedious process to handle by yourself, and it is a smart move to approach professionals like My Dubai Cargo to ease you out of this headache, You know make it hassle-free!

There are a certain set of documents you need to present for the export release from UAE which includes:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Letter of Credit or other payment terms (depending on the agreement between the parties)
  • Bill of Lading for ocean freight or Airway Bill for air freight (My Dubai Cargo will provide this for you)

On top of that, they might ask you to produce Licenses, permits, and certificates if necessary.

cargo ports of arrival in Italy

Italy is part of the European Union and is subject to EU laws and regulations. Customs is no excGroupage

This is a list of major cargo ports in Italy

  • Port of Trieste (ITTRS) Friuli Venezia Giulia.
  • Port of Genoa (ITGOA) Liguria.
  • Port of Livorno (ITLIV) Tuscany.
  • Port of Cagliari (ITCAG) Sardinia.
  • Port of Gioia Tauro (ITGIT) Reggio Calabria.
  • Port of Ravenna (ITRAN) Emilia Romagna.
  • Port of Venice (ITVCE) Veneto.
  • Port of Messina (ITMSN) Sicily.


The following documents are needed for customs clearance in Italy:

  1. Packing list
  2. A commercial invoice

The mentioned values’ currency must be included in your commercial invoice. Unit cost and sales volume should also be included. Finding the HTS code on the invoice can help the local customs agency classify the goods correctly.

Each shipment must have a schedule B # or HTS code before being exported. Before the deadline for submitting paperwork, a VGM form must be submitted if your booking is a full container (FCL).

Prior to the departure of the freight, kindly send My Dubai Cargo a scanned copy of the documentation.

If a military base needs a bonded delivery or an exclusive truck for delivery, there may be extra costs and documentation involved.

Air freight from the UAE to Italy

Sending your cargo by air freight is the quickest way to get it to its final location in Italy. Air freight is often far more expensive than ocean shipment, so you must carefully consider your options.

Time to Ship cargo by air from the UAE to Italy

Air cargo can reach your destination at flying speeds. It may take mere four days to reach a cargo from UAE to Italy, but it always depends on the cargo provider.

Flying your freight: airport guide

The first stage in shipping air freight is accurately identifying the item. The item can be safely categorized, packaged, and handled once it has been accurately identified. You can then evaluate the necessary tariffs and charges to gain a solid idea of the air cargo prices, costs, and regulations. Several cargo experts study TACT’s rules, tariffs, and prices each day (The Air Cargo Tariff). Using this data guarantees that each shipment is given the correct information so that it may be handled through all stages of handling and arrive at its destination safely.

These are some airports in the UAE that ships to Italy.


  • About four kilometers from the heart of Dubai.
  • The sixth busiest cargo airport in the world.
  • Principal air cargo entry point in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Hosts Emirates SkyCargo, the second-largest airline in the world that flies purely freight.
  • Italian airports served: Milan-Malpensa and Rome-Fiumicino.

Dubai International to Italy Cargo-Only Operators: Emirates SkyCargo.



  • 2nd busiest airport for freight traffic in the region.
  • Destinations in more than 60 countries are served by over 30 airlines.
  • Every year, this location receives or sends close to 1 million tonnes of cargo.
  • Italian airports served: Milan-Malpensa and Rome-Fiumicino.


Abu Dhabi to Italy Cargo-Only Operators: Etihad Crystal Cargo.


Airports of arrival in Italy

Here is a list of the most popular arrival destinations of cargo from the UAE.


  • Italy’s primary airport and the eighth busiest in all of Europe.
  • home of Alitalia, Italy’s national airline.
  • It has an area of 16,000 sq m2
  • features Cargo City, a sizable freight hub.
  • Abu Dhabi and Dubai International Airports are linked.

UAE to Rome-Fiumicino Cargo-Only Operators: Emirates SkyCargo, Etihad Crystal Cargo.



  • About 50 kilometers north of Milan’s city center, near the Ticino River.
  • Largest airport in the nation for freight.
  • Incorporates a specific cargo terminal and two runways.
  • Abu Dhabi and Dubai International Airports are linked.

UAE to Milan-Malpensa Cargo-Only Operators: Emirates SkyCargo, Etihad Crystal Cargo.


Ship cargo from the Uae to Italy price

Your commodities’ total cost for shipping from the United Arab Emirates to Italy will vary depending on several variables. The majority of freight forwarders will base their quotes on the following criteria:

  • Kind of goods
  • chosen method of travel (FCL, LCL, Air)
  • weight of the shipment
  • size of the cargo
  • between the starting point and the ending point
  • Service category (such as Port-to-Port, Door-to-Door.

If you’re not sure whether shipping by air or sea is best for you, make sure to get quotations from My Dubai Cargo.

When you evaluate the charges, you’ll probably see that for cargo weighing 100 kg or less, air and sea transportation won’t be all that expensive. Simply select the faster alternative in this scenario. In this case scenario, you can always count on My Dubai Cargo to help you out.

What should you choose: Ocean Freight or Air Freight to Ship from UAE to Italy?

Is your cargo big? Large amounts of cargo are frequently transported by ocean shipping. The majority of shipments will be transported from the UAE to Italy in a container aboard a dedicated ship.

There are two ways to carry containerized ocean freight: LCL and FCL. You can reserve either of them as a door-to-door or port-to-port service. Which option is ideal for you will depend on the weight, volume, and kind of your freight.


The most cost-effective choice when shipping 14 CBM or less. At the warehouse where the containers are being loaded and unloaded, collection and delivery are made easier.

Drawbacks of LCL Shipping

Perishable, fragile, or delicate commodities may be in danger from additional handling. Compared to FCL, transit times are typically longer.

If you are considering shipping via FCL;


Since they are sealed inside the container the entire time, the goods won’t be handled, and FCL is quicker than LCL.  Less expensive when transporting heavier items weighing at least 14 CBM.


Even if you don’t fill the entire container, you still have to pay shipping costs. Options for pickup and delivery can be limited.

Air Freight


High security and minimal risk.  Convenient for companies with locations close to airports and High reliability because it is less weather-dependent. For modest shipments of only a few pallets, air shipping is the best option.


Usually too expensive for very large and heavy freight.  Bulky or oddly shaped consignments are not a possibility.

Ship from the UAE to Italy with My Dubai Cargo  Freight

Our Services

Groupage Shipping to Italy

Groupage services are a form of freight forwarding service that includes commodities that are dispatched as one load but are grouped and sent by various businesses.

Due to My Dubai Cargo extensive knowledge of European transportation, even with the new customs rules, your European shipment will be stress-free.

House moving to Italy

You can relocate to Italy and bring your furniture and other possessions without paying any import taxes, fees, or tariffs.

Isn’t that a relief?  We can give you one deeper sign that we got your back on packing up all of these household goods in Italy.

LCL shipping to Italy

Less than Container Load; LCL is the best option if you don’t want to pay for a full container. When importing smaller cargoes from the UAE to Italy, enabling your freight to take up space in a shared container is frequently the most cost-effective option.

FCL shipping to Italy

Full Container Load: FCL is for those who need a full container’s capacity and convenience. You have the only right to use each container after paying a set amount for its rental and delivery. Depending on what you are shipping, this option may be less expensive per unit of transportation than LCL.

Furniture shipping to Italy

Are u intimidated to ship all your antique, expensive and heavy furniture to Italy?

We have your back. The simple, quick, and safe service provided by My Dubai Cargo, which specializes in moving furniture, also helps to make your new home in Italy feel incredibly welcoming.

Door-to-Door Cargo to Italy

Door-to-door delivery is an easy option for you, clients to avoid the hassle of making arrangements for the shipment at the ports, and we’ll even give you the necessary paperwork. As a customer, you can guarantee the care of both the cargo and assurance of their safe delivery to your address in Italy.

Packing and relocation to Italy

Whether it is for the beautiful landscapes of Europe or just to escape from the scorching sun of the middle east, your goods are safe in our hands to be relocated anywhere in Italy with minimal effort from your side. GSC moves have long been in this field to ensure that you can sleep well knowing your goods are safe.

Commercial Shipment to Italy

Commercial Shipments can be easily made if you are a small or medium size business owner hoping to expand your business arms to Italy. Thus, you can focus more on other sides rather than worrying about whether your shipment can reach your potential customer in time.

Personal baggage to Italy

Each passenger is permitted to bring one carry-on bag that is no larger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm and no heavier than 8kg/17lb. Briefcases, waist packs, laptop/tablet cases, and purses are considered to be personal items.

What if you wanna carry your skis for the winter fun or your own set of trusty golf clubs for the next summer vacation? My Dubai Cargo is your answer. There shouldn’t be any barrier to your joy

Areas covered by My Dubai Cargo Cargo in UAE

We offer our services all over UAE, mostly focusing on

Cargo from Abu Dhabi,

Cargo from Dubai,

Cargo from Sharjah,

Cargo from Ajman,

Cargo from Ras Al Khaimah,

Cargo from Fujairah,

Cargo from Dibba,

Cargo from Um Al Quwain,

Cargo from Al Shamkhah City

Wherever you need our services we will be there for you

We give our customers the option to select the delivery method that best suits their needs and preferences. We make sure that our customer’s needs are met by providing them with unlimited features.

To make the entire process go smoothly, we are devoted to improving the client experience. We are committed to offering top-notch services, so you can depend on us to transport your cargo in a secure, efficient, and timely manner.

Areas covered by My Dubai Cargo cargo in Italy

For decades we ship reliably to all of Europe, regardless of the country and Italy is no exception. Wherever you want your shipment to be delivered in Italy it can be dealt with through us with real-time and deep tracking.

We frequently ship to:

Cargo to Rome

Cargo to Milan

Cargo to Naples

Cargo to Palermo

Cargo to Genoa

Cargo to Bologna

Cargo to Florance

Cargo to Bari

and so much more

Have you had your best experiences with cargo from the UAE to Italy?

We at My Dubai Cargo are glad to help you with that! We are proud to be able to help you ship your cargo from one country to another. For those who don’t have their fleet of vessels (most people don’t!), we also offer door-to-door cargo shipping to Italy. This means that we will take care of everything—from loading your vehicle onto our ship in Dubai, through transport across the sea or air, and unloading at its destination port in Italy. So, if you are planning a move abroad or simply want to send some furniture abroad then this is what you need! Check out our services now!!

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