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cargo and courier service to Malaysia
03 Sep

International cargo service provider to Malaysia

Do you want to send your cargo to Malaysia?

Are you searching for a trustworthy company to send your valuable items to?

My Dubai Cargo takes care of your concerns. We will help you send your parcel internationally. We offer the best service anywhere in the world. Our key priorities are on-time delivery and proper packaging. We will handle all types of courier services, including air freight, sea freight, door to door delivery, and express delivery.

Ship with My Dubai Cargo

Nowadays, it’s not a big deal to ship a package or relocate to Malaysia from Dubai. People are looking for the best possible solution. However, there are numerous freight forwarding companies to choose from. But finding the right cargo service company is challenging.

My Dubai Cargo guarantees the best cargo service from Dubai to Malaysia. We are here to assist you in saving money when sending a package or relocating to Malaysia. We ensure timely delivery, good packaging, and all kinds of cargo services in Dubai.

Should you choose air freight or sea freight?

This is the most common question that people have while sending a package. Air freight and sea freight are the most widely used cargo services. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of sea cargo to Malaysia

  • Safety assured
  • Cheaper than Air freight
  • Cargo capacity is more than that of a plane.
  • Eco-friendly

Benefits of air cargo to Malaysia

  • Guaranteed safety
  • Much faster than shipping by sea

If you would prefer, we also offer door-to-door freight service between Malaysia and Dubai. Our door-to-door shipping to Malaysia is a quick and convenient option for large and non-bulky items. We have expanded our conventional transportation services with the addition of a door-to-door express courier service. We served our clients all over the world by land, sea, and air. The following are some advantages of the door to door parcel service:

  • Client-friendly pricing
  • Flexible load options are available.
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Live cargo tracking
  • Time-sensitive and the fastest mode of transportation

Shipping Cost in UAE

You will be delighted to hear that sending goods to Malaysia is not too difficult. Sea freight is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice. If you’re in a hurry, you can choose air freight, but the price will be around 12–16 times more. Also, the cost depends upon the actual weight or volumetric weight of the shipment. However, the final cost will vary depending on what you’re sending, where you’re traveling to and from, and how much you’re moving. Overall, shipping charges to Kuala Lumpur are often rather affordable.

 My Dubai Cargo strives to provide reasonable shipping prices to Malaysia from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE. Our goal is to deliver an advanced and comprehensive shipping system at competitive prices to our customers who are planning to move to Malaysia from Dubai.

Customs Clearance in Malaysia

All items entering Malaysia must be declared on Customs Form No. 1 and are subject to customs fees. Each declaration shall specify the shipping items, their value, weight, dimensions, country of origin, and confirmation of the shipment’s final destination.

Things that are shipped to Malaysia are either categorized as personal items or household items. Find out what falls under each of these categories by visiting the government website.

Moving to Malaysia from Dubai

Malaysia is known for its wonderful natural beauty for exploring and enjoying. Malaysia has a competitive economy, and the fastest growing GDP, and has emerged as the market’s largest exporter. Moreover, many people are moving from the UAE to Malaysia.

The relocation process begins at your home with packing, loading, documentation, transportation, customs clearance, and more. Our team of professionals working all over the world will handle the shipment process easily and smoothly. You can get the best cargo service from My Dubai Cargo for the lowest possible cost.

My Dubai cargo provides shipping services to USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, and India.

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